Silver 1

Silver 1 is the foundation of Swim Newton. The emphasis of this squad is to establish the basics of competitive swimming. The practices are geared to establish good technique in all four of the competitive strokes. In addition to teaching legal stroke mechanics, each swimmer gains fitness and basic race techniques including diving and finishes. Silver 1 practice is 40 minutes and is offered five days of the week, of which each swimmer chooses 3. This squad level offers basic competition and each swimmer can decide which meets to attend.

Silver 2

The next level of Swim Newton is Silver 2. These swimmers practice with more emphasis on fitness and improving race performances. Technique work still plays a major role in each practice. The Silver 2 practices are offered five days of the week for one hour, of which each swimmer chooses 3. This squad is also the first level that offers major swimming competition and attending three to five swim meets are encouraged each season.

Silver 3

Silver 3 swimmers are more advanced yet continue to train as they did in Silver 2. The practice session is designed with the same concepts, but the athletes are expected to use what they know to pace through the workouts more quickly allowing us more time to do more work. This group is focused on upper level competition at swim meets and will compete in events that are more challenging. This group will also prepare the swimmer to advance to the next squad on the team, the Gold Squad. Silver 3 will practice for one and one-half hours offered 5 days each week, of which each swimmer is encouraged to make 3. Silver 3 swimmers are encouraged to attend all swim meets on the schedule and are expected to be at all championship swim meets at the end of each season.


The Gold Squad is geared for swimmers age 9-14 and the High School Gold Squad is geared to high school age swimmers. Technique and conditioning are very important in these squads. Dry land exercises are incorporated into the training program for those athletes that desire drastic improvement in their swimming performances. Practices are designed to reward consistency, willingness to learn, and the ability to accept new challenges. Practices are offered six days of the week for approximately two hours each. Gold swimmers are required to make at least 4 practices per week but are suggested to make a certain percentage based on their age. High School Gold swimmers are encouraged to maintain 80% practice attendance.

Gold Group

The Gold group is expected to attend all meets on the schedule and must be excused by the coach to miss a swim meet. District Championships and LSC Championships are regarded as extremely important as they are the focus for our training seasons. Swim meets are used to gauge training regimens, therefore attendance at all meets is expected to be a priority in this group. Swimmers that will advance to Platinum group must attend practice regularily and will achieve certain levels of ability before they move up.