Monthly & Annual Dues

GroupMonthly/Seasonal FeeAnnual Fee / F&R QualifierSeason
Club$90/month$40 / $15Dates provided by coach. Cap and team swag included.
Seasonal$150/season$40 / $15Dates provided by coach. Cap and team swag included.
Meet fees: varies, averages $5-$10/race.
Most meets charge a swimmer surcharge $5-$20/meet.

Annual Dues breakdown

Team Fee$50/sign-up
Free/reduced Fees: $10/sign-up
USA Registration
Option 1: Premium
All meets, other USA Swim perks
USA Registration
Option 2: Flex
Ages 12 and under, allows for 2 non championship meets. Option to upgrade to Premium at a later date, paying the difference ($50)
USA Registration
Option 3: Outreach Fee
reduced/free lunch program or state Medicaid assistance
Team Fee ($40) applies each time swimmer re-joins the team within the full year starting in August and ending in September of the following year.

Family Discounts

Discounts available for families with multiple swimmers. The discount will be applied to season tuition for the lowest swimmer fee. Discounts available for immediate family members.
2nd swimmer10% off monthly tuition
3rd swimmer15% off monthly tuition
4th+ swimmers20% off monthly tuition


Monthly payments will be made on the 1st of each month through Commit, our team management and payment processor. Please use a valid credit card when signing up for Swim Newton programming.