These policies have been developed over many years and are designed to provide the best possible practice environment for all.


Each training group has specific attendance requirements appropriate for the objectives of that group. As a general rule, the least possible interruption in the training schedule will produce the greatest amount of success. The club does, however, encourage younger swimmers to participate in other activities in addition to swimming.

Practice Prep & Start

  • Arrive to the pool no more than 10 minutes prior to designated workout time.
  • Be ready to swim 5 minutes prior to the start of practice.
  • Depart or arrange pickup no later than 15 minutes after practice.

Plan to attend the entire practice.  The last segment is often the most important and includes announcements. In the event the swimmer must be dismissed early, please notify a coach prior to practice.

Swimmers should bring a water bottle (no other liquids) to each practice session.

Occasionally, most of a practice group may be attending a meet, in which case you will be notified of a practice change or cancellation.

Facility Use

While on Newton High School grounds, swimmers are the responsibility of the coaching staff. During practice sessions, swimmers will never leave the pool area without coach’s permission.

The club (swimmers, parents and siblings) has an obligation to act as guests while in Newton High School. Any damages to school property may result in financial liability by the swimmer’s parents. Any damage may also result in the swimmer’s permanent termination from the team.

Parents are allowed to observe practice. Please be considerate and keep conversations at a low volume during practice. Do not try to communicate with any swimmer from the observation area. This is not only a distracting to the swimmer, but can also be distracting to the entire team, as well as the coach.

Parents and siblings are expected to remain on the pool deck during practice if they intend to remain at the school. Our team is not allowed access to other parts of the school.

Illness and Injury

Whenever possible, the coach should be informed in advance of an illness or injury. Regardless of seriousness, it is usually possible to find a physician (or parent) who will recommend abstaining from training and one who will recommend a modified approach. For this reason, the coach must be the one to determine if the absence is excusable (especially for the advanced swimmers). It is helpful to find a family physician who appreciates the importance of participation and who understands the repercussions associated with missed meets and training sessions.

Swimmers Training Responsibilities

As a swimmer’s level of swimming ability increases so does his/her responsibility. The program is designed to encourage all swimmers to be Senior Swimming bound. As swimmers improve this is a deep commitment that requires great effort on all parts. A swimmer has responsibilities to the team, the coach, his/her parents, and most importantly to themselves. Swimmers need to prepare themselves for a 100% effort each time they come to practice.

Swimmers will be required to bring specified training accessories (i.e., goggles, flippers, etc.) to workouts. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to make sure these items not only make it to practice, but also back home. We do not reserve pool deck space to store equipment; so nothing should be left behind. Equipment adjustment and repair will not be accepted as excuse to miss part of a training session.