Silver Schedule

6th-7th grades

Silver | Grades 6-7

Practices: 1.5-2 hours – up to 4 practices each week

  • Invitation only

It is expected that practice attendance is regarded by each swimmer as extremely valuable. Swim meet attendance is also important as it is part of our season training plan. Absence from practice and meets must be discussed with the coach and should be unavoidable circumstances.


  • Attend scheduled practices
  • Maintain 80% attendance (with the exception of times for other sports).
  • Plan to attend MV Championship meets
  • Encouraged to train with the team throughout the year even during seasons the athlete is participating in other activities (not required).
  • Swimmers can be moved to Gators or Tigersharks if they lack the ability to meet the requirements of the group’s training progress. Swimmers on seasonal sport break are expected to return to the team able to maintain group progress.