Guppies Schedule


Guppies | Ages 10 & younger

Practices: 1 hour starting at 6:30p – attend 3 practices each week

  • Must swim unassisted, completing at least 1 pool length
  • Train for 6 weeks then use 2 weeks to check the ability to advance to Sealions and eligible age
  • Meets offered during 6 week session

Training Focus

  • Endurance from kick sets
  • Diving certification to learn starts
  • Legally able swims including racing strategies (turns and finishes)

Sealion Schedule


Sealions | Ages 7-11

Practices: 1 hour starting at 6:30p – attend 3 practices each week


  • Prove ability to swim all strokes in competition and meet minimum group requirements
  • Must be diving certified by a Swim Newton coach
  • Swim a 200yd free in under 5:00
  • Commitment to competitive swimming and begin training to qualify for championship meets
  • In some circumstances, younger swimmers may advanced per coach recommendation
  • Train 8 weeks with advancement to Gators upon performance of required skill sets and eligible age
  • Meets offered during 8 week session

Training Focus

  • Improve technique and learn training strategies to advance in the program
  • Learn and use team drills for stroke improvement
  • Train starts and turns for all strokes
  • Endurance from interval training

Gator Schedule


Gator | Ages 8-12

Practices: 1.5 hours starting at 6:30p – attend 3 practices each week PLUS Saturday

  • Train for 12 weeks with goal to advance to Bronze and Silver groups
  • Meets offered plus championship meets at end of season

Group Requirements

  • 11-12 year old District Champs cuts (or realistic ability to qualify by the season’s end)
  • 50yd of every stroke in under 1:00 at practice
  • 100yd free in under 1:30 AND 100yd IM in under 1:50

Training Focus

  • Championship swimming
  • Stroke efficiency (all strokes, no specializing)
  • Competitive strategies to prepare for Gold group training (underwater kick and stroke tempo)
  • Endurance from interval training